Cristina Ghetti is Represented by the following galleries:
Imaginart Gallery  Barcelona, Spain
Punto Gallery   Valencia, Spain
100Kubik Gallery, Köln, Germany
Galleria d’arte Lo Spazio, Brescia, Italy
I Gallery Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Galería del Paseo  Punta del Este, Uruguay
Galleria GUM, Miami, USA
Rofa projects,  Washington, USA
Ai Bo Gallery, Purchase NY, USA
Sharon Fischtein fine Arts, Toronto, Canada
 Luz Botero fine arts, Panama City



Solo show at  100 kubik Gallery, Köln “Kedankenlinien” April, June 2019


Kaestner, Ghetti, space made by color” Bermel Von Luxburg Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Sin título-1

“Die Farben der geometrie” 100 Kubik Gallery, Köln, Germany


Padova art fair, with Spirale Milano Gallery, 16 19 November, Padova, Italy


Interactive instalation at Intramurs Festival, Valencia Spain October 27, 2018

Sin título-3

Barcu 2018 Art Fair, Imaginart Gallery, Bogotá Colombia October 2018


Sofa Chicago Art Fair, Ai Bo Gallery, USA  October 2018

Inflexive speeches,  Group show curated by Yvonne andreini, at Freiraum Gallery, Berlin, September 15, 27 2108

Sin título-1.png


Infinito Canone, Galleria Lo Spazio, Brescia May, June 2018









About Cristina Ghetti

I'm a visual artist
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